Fulham Specification Sheet Application

Project Description

The client wanted to develop a mobile application that would contain all of the company’s specification sheets. A customer could use the mobile application to either view a PDF within the application browser or add the sheet to a Favorites list to email to himself at a later date.

Project Involvement

  • Lead UX Design
  • Initial sketches
  • Wireframe
  • Prototype

Who are the users?

  • Fulham employees – to demonstrate at trade shows to potential and existing customers.
  • Current customers – for people who own the products to look up technical information.
  • Potential customers – for interested parties to look up technical information and express interest in Fulham products.

Why build it?

Currently there is no way for users to conveniently save the specification sheet PDFs aside from downloading the PDFs from the website to their computer.

There is also no data on which PDFs are currently being downloaded or how frequently they are being downloaded.

Product Features

  • The ability to view specification sheets within the application.
  • The ability to email single and multiple PDFs to a user.
  • Collection of user data for marketing purposes (primarily name and email).